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We are highly recommending that your dog receive a vaccination for canine influenza. This is a virus we have not
seen in the past. It can spread easily and may cause serious illness. Please contact your veterinarian for advice.

Upcoming Group Classes:

     Beginning Obedience

    Intermediate/Rally Obedience 

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Upcoming Puppy Classes:

     Puppy Kindergarten

     Puppy Tweens

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Obedience Classes
Beyond Beginners
Puppy Classes
  1. Puppy Kindergarten
    A head start for your new puppy between 9-14 weeks of age! Safe environment for dogs who have not completed vaccinations.
  2. Puppy Tweens
    For older puppies, between 12 - 19 weeks of age at start of class. May be taken after Puppy K or on its own. Introduce your dog to basic obedience skills like Polite Leash Walking, Coming When Called, etc.
Learn more: Class Topics and Requirements
Obedience Classes
  1. Beginnners Obedience
    The basics for establishing good manners. Sit-stays, down-stays, polite leash walking and Coming When Called, plus weekly topics on "At Home" problems: jumping on people, excessive barking, "stealing" things, door manners. Must be at least 5 mo. of age.
  2. Intermediate Obedience
    Take your dog's training to the next level. Increased distractions and distance work, improved focus. Teach your dog hand signals, and learn new obedience commands. Must have basic obedience skills. We offer a variety of classes throughout the year, some are "Fun Classes" and others aim at certificates and titles. Check the booking schedule for upcoming classes.
  3. Competition Obedience
    Class or private lessons available. AKC Obedience competition now open to mixed breeds. Consent of instructor required.

What level is your dog?

Below are the concepts taught in Beginners Obedience.
Your dog must possess these skills to enter any Intermediate level class.

✔ Reliable Sit-Stay for about 40 seconds, without food. Can hold Stay with distractions, such as a food or a toy tossed within about 6 feet.

✔ Reliable Down-Stay for 3 minutes. Dog is relaxed, handles some distractions, and can do the Down without food to lure or reward. 

✔ Concept of “Heel Position". Dog can walk in heel position with a slack leash - at least when distractions are low. Without requiring food lure.

✔ Reliable head turn/attention when name is called. Reliable Recall from about 10 feet, with distractions. 

Beyond Beginners​
  1. Canine Good Citizen Class and Test
    Have your dog earn his AKC CGC certificate and title. Mixed breeds eligible. Good for prospective Therapy Dogs. Beginners skills required.
  2. Rally Obedience
    Great for intermediate level dogs, mixed breed or pure breed. Earn a title or just have fun!
  3. Agility
    Our Agility Foundation and Agility for Fun classes are ideal for the team that is interested in playing the game of agility or getting a start in the sport.
Fun Classes
  1. K9 Nose Work
    Great new activity for every type of dog. Let your dog learn scent detection. Limited interaction with other dogs - suitable for dog-reactive dogs. Dogs must be at least 5 mo. old.
  2. Summer Camp Tricks Class
    We offer a variety of "fun" classes to help keep your dog's busy mind active. These classes require Beginning Obedience skills or consent of instructor.
  3. Coming When Called
    This class is in a safely fenced large area. We can focus on distractions and distance to hone your dog's skills.
Our Puppy Program​
Our mission in the Good Dog Puppy Program is to help owners raise puppies that will have good impulse control, can tolerate frustration, and can be calm and confident in any setting. To meet that goal, we have developed a two-tiered Puppy Program.​

We participate in the AKC STAR Puppy Program
Pup​py Requirements

  • Puppies must be in their new homes for at least 7 days before starting class.

  • Vaccinations must be started, and have been given by a veterinarian.

Proof of veterinary visit and vaccinations given by veterinarian
will be strictly enforced.
Pup​py Kindergarten
Age: 9 to 14 weeks when starting class

Course Length: 4 week program, starting the first Wed of each month

Primary topics:

1. New Puppy Basics:      
    - Housetraining & Crate Use
    - "Give" Command
    - Appropriate Play           
2. How to Create a Tolerant, Easy to 
    Handle Dog:          
    - Body Handling
    - Grooming & Care 
    - Preventing Resource Guarding       

3. How to Prevent Bad Habits:          
    - Mouthing & Chewing
    - Digging
    - Introducing the Leash          

4. Basic Comands
    - Sit, Down, & Come

Puppy Tweens
Age: 12 to 19 weeks when starting class

Course Length: 4 week program, starting the first Monday of each month

Primary topics:
  1. Using Rewards Properly
     - How to Reward
     - Body Handling
     - Sit, Down & Come

  2. Establishing Leadership
     - Attention/Focus, Leave It
     - Fetch/Tug, Find It
     - Leadership
     - Collar Grabs

  3. Teaching Impulse Control
     - "Wait" Command
     - Take Treats/Toys Politely
     - Crate Use
     - Backaway

  4. Activities for Your Tween 
     - Confidence Building Games
     - Motor Skill Development